The Most Hard Job to be Stress Free

Todke baba may be found at Baghdwar, Shivapuri Conservation Forest, and at Shivapur Baba’s ashram.

Kathmandu, 21 July 2019 — What is the most hardest job in the world? All have individual experiences and perceptions to answer and those answers are right on their own context. Nothing wrong and nothing right. We do have our own universe into ourself. Let’s travel through an universe to be connected with multiverse.

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Bandipur Community Homestay | Travel Diary

Main street of Bandipur.

BANDIPUR, 28 June 2019 – Tourists are us. Internal tourists are increasing everywhere in Nepal and I was one of them in my country with my family in Bandipur. I and my family had a hotel with medium charge among hotels in Bandipur. In the evening, we sought dinner outside of hotel. After dinner, I strolled new location to know few things about Bandipur. The settlement was cozy and more peaceful than main street since there were no any such happening hotels and lights. I saw a signboard of community homestay. I was searching homestay in Bandipur. Later, I came to know that it was a community homestay. I was wondering more about the community homestay.

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National Audio Library | Travel Diary


Ms. Prabha Tripathee contributing her voice for National Audio Library.

POKHARA, Friday, 28 June 2019 – Few students were waiting for opening of library in Prithvi Narayan Campus in Pokhara. I reached earlier too. I went to gate and wait for opening. This is during my travel to Pokhara. It was not the first travel to Pokhara. I forgot the counting too and had been many times. This time is special with many things like family functions and new learning that I want to share.

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Drive Yourself

IMG_3705 - Copy
Saral, 9, about to drive.

Kathmandu, 1 June 2019 – “I also drive”, he said when I was going with my daughter, Sahara 14, for driving training on the first day. He, my son Saral, is nine years. Immediately, I did’t have answer. It was unanswered. But, he was supposing to get answer. He wept behind his mother, my wife Rabina. “Yes, you can drive”, I said. He smiled and got in line for training with his sister and mother. In addition, he was the first who wanted to drive. I was not still quite ready to trust but I didn’t have any option except to trust him. When he got inside the car, sat on driving seat; his acts were eye-opening and enforced me to trust him. He drove the car very smoothly.

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Brooks Drying in My Town – Climate Change

IMG_20190524_192057 - Copy

KATHMANDU, 24 May 2019 — When I was under primary school, I used to go for fishing with my brother at a brook nearby my town, Bhaktapur, and sometimes also for hunting birds with catapult but later I abandoned hunting birds after realizing the importance of family in life for everyone like birds. After class five my life changed since my family transferred me in a new school for further study and I lost all my existing connections with friends for a new gain and connectivity of life.

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“सामाजिक सम्बन्धका गतिशीलता र युवाहरुमा सामाजिक डिजिटल पहिचान ”: Social Digital Identity

काठमाडौं, १० मे २०१९ – सरल र सहज जीवनशैलिमा डिजिटल प्रविधिले पु्रस्कृत गर्दै हाम्रो जीवनलाइ नयाँ उचाइमा पुर्याउनुका साथै ज्ञात वा अज्ञात मान्छेहरुका वा मान्छेहरुका भेषमा संस्था वा निकायका फरक परिचयका साथ नयाँ चुनौतीहरु पनि निर्धारित गरेको छ।

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Disruptive Power in Cybernetic: Govt servers down

IMG_0278KATHMANDUKathmandu, 6 May 2019 — Anonymous does have no state or any identification or any digital social identitylocation to penetrate network for data breaching from most critical resources like government servers. Most of government servers in Nepal were hacked on Sunday, 6th May 2019 according to national media. There are thought absence of hundred of lax in technical measures in infrastructures and hacking or attacks of anonymous can’t be stopped technically but it can be prevented till the time when it was not hacked.

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Freedom of Expression in Digital Diplomacy: Academic Paper

cropped-img_7166-copy3.jpgPeople living with or without digital technology have been pushed to enter a first-hand interface leveraging the extensive power of digital technology, pushing the conventional approach of social conversation and remapping actors in terms of negotiating power in social dialogue. Emerging technology has introduced a new way of expression—freedom of expression—and a voice to be heard. Reporting news by anyone or anonymously is an example of freedom of expression leveraged by digital technology; for example, text as an expression in social media. Continue reading “Freedom of Expression in Digital Diplomacy: Academic Paper”