Sahara WEB Server 1.0.1

Sahara WEB Server(SWS) is first time web server in nepal. It is academic practice of Me. (Mr. Rajendra Man Banepali). SWS is built in JAVA sdk. It is started from grass level. It is written from main() function. It is very simple and very good in documentation too. It has just 865 line in overall

programme and 3 classes only including base classes. SWS has implemented socket programming with net package of JAVA. De’ SWS is developed within 18 days where core module is developed with full 2 night. So, it is called full 2 night SWS in better way.

SWS is recognized by WAKHOK University Japan, Kathmandu Engineering College and White House Science and Engineering College in the contest of JAVA Contest 2007 dated Nov 2006 to Feb 2007. SWS is awarded by Most Promising Application in Feb 2007. SWS is selected in Final Evaluation of JAVA Contest 2007.

SWS is first time in Nepal. It is academic practice claming first time Nepal. You can download all documents and trial version of SWS 1.0.0. Please, send you comments at


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