Lujha Project 2011 – Water pump automation

Concept Paper

Project Warrior V1.0 is a concept of automation of two water pump: one is reserved tank water pump and roof top water pump. They are automatically operated when it is really needed regarding the condition of water status of flow on tap, and water on respective tank.

Mission of project:
The goal of this project is to reduce the problem of unmanaged water situation at home and integration of web technology with embedded system. Normally, in the context of Nepal the electricity is not regular and it cause the dispute of water supply. The device will automatically work as human interference of switching of water dump according to conditions.

Configuration and Mechanism:
Motor A is connected with reserved water tank and Motor B is connected with roof top tank. To run any of the Motor, there should be water flow on the tap. Motor A is started when water flow on the tap, and tank A is not full. Motor B is started if there is water flow on the tap, tank A is not under reserved and tank B is not full.

Four sensors are installed into the tanks in such a way they work for micro-controller. The sensor can be designed with copper wire and plastic.

Design Engineering:
Regarding hardware Atmel 8051 (AT89C51) Micro-Controller is used. The firmware is written into assembly and C programming. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is designed for circuit design of this device.

Enhancement and Integration:
The device is designed in such a way so that the device can communicate with computer via serial communication RS232. One of the web application is responsible for communication protocol with the device. ASP.NET or PHP can be used for device communication. I would like to prefer ASP.NET with web service for this project. The computer is connected on internet and the computer acts as web server so that the device status and virtual device representation is appeared into the web so that the device can be controlled via internet/web and mobile.

>> Click here to download Device documentation

Lujha Project 2011 Demonstration and Intro


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